Sailing holidays

Moonshadow_sails_down_the_Sound_of_Mull_photo_by_Kjersti_Veel_Krauss.280x280Sailing Scotland’s West Coast

A trip by yacht in the Western Highlands, Scotland

“Set your course for the lighthouse,” the skipper of the yacht tells me. The clouds are hanging low, it’s raining hard and I can just make out Lismore Lighthouse across the bay so I steer towards it. We’re sailing in Scotland’s Western Highlands, and…[Read on]

CondorExploring the Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Sailing on a maxi racing yacht around the Great Barrier Reef

Captain Cook’s famous islands are home to some of Australia’s whitest beaches, unspoilt coral reefs and peaceful sailing spots. There are few opportunities in life to get to sail around tropical islands, snorkel coral reefs and walk the white sands of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and I feel lucky to…[Read on]

Sailing in the Vega Islands Norway

A world of downy ducks on a sailing trip in Norway’s Vega Islands

‘This is the most difficult lane.’ Our skipper Emil is guiding us through a narrow channel between two long, flat islands. We’re sailing through the Hysvær islands, in the Vega Archipelago just below the Arctic Circle in Norway, on our…[Read on]

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